How to take screenshot on the HTC Desire 630

Recently a lot of our smartphones have great characteristics as the ability to print a screenshot. Along with a display size of 5″ and a resolution of 720 x 1280px, the HTC Desire 630 from HTC promises to capture high quality images of the best situation of your personal life.

HTC Desire 630

For a screenshot of your favorite apps such as Snapchat, Wechat , Discord,… or for one email, the technique of taking screenshot on your HTC Desire 630 working with Android 6.0 Marshmallow is incredibly simple. Actually, you have the choice between two universal techniques. The first one uses the basic options of your HTC Desire 630. The second method is going to make you utilize a third-party software, trusted, to produce a screenshot on your HTC Desire 630. Let’s experience the first method

How you can make a manual screenshot of your HTC Desire 630

  • Look at the screen that you expect to record
  • screenshot-android-one

  • Press in unison the Power and Volum Down key
  • The HTC Desire 630 just took a screenshoot of your display

In the case that your HTC Desire 630 don’t have home button, the procedure is the following:

  • Press in unison the Power and Home key
  • Your HTC Desire 630 simply made a fantastic screenshot that you can publish by mail or SnapChat.
  • samsung-screenshot

    How to take a screenshot of your HTC Desire 630 using third party apps

    In cases where you want to capture screenshoots with third party apps on your HTC Desire 630, it’s possible!! We chose for you some really good apps that you may install. There is no need to be root or some shady manipulation. Use these apps on your HTC Desire 630 and capture screenshots!

    Special: Assuming that you can upgrade your HTC Desire 630 to Android 9 (Android Pie), the process of taking a screenshot on your HTC Desire 630 is much more straight forward. Google chose to ease the technique in this way:

    • Hold on the power button of your HTC Desire 630 right until you see a pop-up menu on the left of your display or
    • Go to the display you aspire to shoot, swipe down the notification bar to witness the screen down below.
    • screenshoot-android-9-pie

    • Tap Screenshot and voila!
    • android-pie-screenshot

      Finally, the screenshot taken with your HTC Desire 630 is saved on a distinctive folder.

      • Go to your Photos Gallery (Pictures)
      • You have a folder named Screenshot

      From there, you are able to publish screenshots realized on your HTC Desire 630.

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      Source: Screenshot Google

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