How to take screenshot on the Nokia X+

In this modern time a lot of our mobile phones include useful specifications like the capability to shoot a screenshot. Along with a display screen size of 4″ and a resolution of 480 x 800px, the Nokia X+ from Nokia promises to take excellent pictures of the best situation of your life.

Nokia X+

Just for a screenshot of your favorite apps like Twitter , Facebook, Discord,… or for one text message, the task of capturing screenshot on the Nokia X+ using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is definitely extremely convenient. In reality, you have the option between two general techniques. The first one uses the generic tools of your Nokia X+. The second technique is going to have you use a third-party application, trustworthy, to make a screenshot on your Nokia X+. Let’s find out the first method

How you can generate a manual screenshot of your Nokia X+

  • Head over to the screen that you’d like to record
  • screenshot-android-one

  • Hold together the Power and Volum Down key
  • The Nokia X+ simply took a screenshoot of the screen

In the event that your Nokia X+ don’t have home button, the procedure is the following:

  • Hold together the Power and Home key
  • The Nokia X+ easily made a perfect screenshot that you can share by mail or SnapChat.
  • samsung-screenshot

    How to take a screenshot of your Nokia X+ using third party apps

    If for some reason you prefer to make screenshoots with third party apps on your Nokia X+, it’s possible!! We chose for you one or two effective apps that you can install. No need to be root or some shady tricks. Use these apps on your Nokia X+ and make screenshots!

    Extra: If you are able to update your Nokia X+ to Android 9 (Android Pie), the process of capturing a screenshot on the Nokia X+ is much more smooth. Google chose to simplify the procedure like that:

    • Hold on tight the power button of the Nokia X+ until you watch a pop-up menu on the left of the display or
    • Check out the display you choose to to shoot, swipe down the notification bar to witness the screen below.
    • screenshoot-android-9-pie

    • Tap Screenshot and and there you go!
    • android-pie-screenshot

      Finally, the screenshot taken with your Nokia X+ is kept on a distinctive folder.

      • Check out your Photos Gallery (Pictures)
      • You have a folder labeled Screenshot

      Following that, you can share screenshots taken on your Nokia X+.

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      Source: Screenshot Google

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