How to take screenshot on the Lenovo A560

Nowadays most of our smartphones feature tremendous functionalities just like the capability to print a screenshot. With a display screen size of 5″ and a resolution of 480 x 854px, the Lenovo A560 from Lenovo promises to capture quality pictures of the best moment of your existence.

Lenovo A560

For a screenshot of your favorite apps like Tik Tok, Reddit, Tinder ,… or for one email, the method of shooting screenshot on your Lenovo A560 running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is certainly extremely fast. In fact, you have the choice among two standard options. The first one takes advantage of the regular items of your Lenovo A560. The second method is going to have you implement a third-party software, trustworthy, to generate a screenshot on your Lenovo A560. Let’s find out the first method

Tips on how to generate a manual screenshot of your Lenovo A560

  • Look at the screen that you’d like to capture
  • screenshot-android-one

  • Squeeze synchronously the Power and Volum Down key
  • The Lenovo A560 simply took a screenshoot of your screen

In the event that your Lenovo A560 do not have home button, the procedure is the following:

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