How to root YU Yunicorn

By default, mobile phone producers just like YU impose restrictions to stop you from doing special act. It happens to be exasperating, you might reckon. To deal with the restrictions of the producer, there is a simple method called Root.

What is root and why should I root my YU Yunicorn?

YU Yunicorn

Whenever you want to take complete control of the YU Yunicorn, the only option will be to root it. In clear words, this simply means that you can expect to change into a super administrator of your YU Yunicorn. Beware though, the company impose application limitations to restrict you from making stupid things. Whenever your smartphone is rooted, you can broke it by doing dangerous operations. Having a rooted YU Yunicorn, you should be capable of:

  • Elevate the efficiency of your YU Yunicorn by overcloacking the CPU
  • Elevate the battery life of your YU Yunicorn
  • Install / uninstall specified mandatory applications
  • Pimp out your YU Yunicorn with the ROM of your taste

Warning if you want to root your YU Yunicorn

Understand that whether or not making root your YU Yunicorn provides numerous pros, we need to alert you when it comes to the potential risks that entails. As a consequence, you actually can brick your YU Yunicorn, end the warranty of your YU Yunicorn, trigger security breaches on the YU Yunicorn and lastly not being in position to use particular applications on your YU Yunicorn.

What to do before rooting my YU Yunicorn?

As has been pointed out , rooting your YU Yunicorn is not a trivial technique. We advise (it is necessary) a backup of your YU Yunicorn. You may conserve the information of the YU Yunicorn on your pc (PC / Mac) if it has got data backup software. If in doubt, duplicates the data backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, …

Prior to getting started to root your YU Yunicorn, you will need to make certain that it truly is entirely charged. (you can even let it with the electricity wire, it will be more sure). Thereafter , you need to go to the settings of the YU Yunicorn to turn on USB Debugging and OEM unlocking.

Manually root your YU Yunicorn

You can also manually root your YU Yunicorn. The technique can be a bit more tough than you will have with the applications listed in the next paragraphs. Head to XDA Developers forum and simply look for the YU Yunicorn. You can find all the details to manually root your YU Yunicorn.

Root your YU Yunicorn with software/apps

Root your YU Yunicorn with Kingo Root

To root your YU Yunicorn with Kingo Root, it is incredibly convenient. Install the app on the YU Yunicorn and press Root. In the event that all happens well, the Kingo Root app will definitely root the YU Yunicorn. In the event that you may have some concerns, install Kingo Root on your computer, connect your YU Yunicorn and go along with the instructions.


Root your YU Yunicorn with One Click Root

Rooting your Android smartphone using One Click Root is definitely simplistic. Make sure you check if the YU Yunicorn is recognized by the application (Check here). If so, install the One Click Root on your computer (PC / Mac) (Download here). Connect your YU Yunicorn to your laptop thanks to the USB cable. Allow One Click Root show you how to root your smartphone.


How unroot your YU Yunicorn?

In the event that you decide to not use a root version of the YU Yunicorn, keep in mind that you may get rid of the modification.

Go to Download SuperSU. Open the SuperSU application, go to settings and press on Full Unroot. From there, the YU Yunicorn will no longer be rooted.

As reviewed in this article, rooting the YU Yunicorn comes with numerous features but remains a dangerous technique. Consider the reviewed softwares carefully or you could finish with an useless YU Yunicorn.

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