How to Soft & Hard Reset your ZUK Z1

If for some reason ZUK Z1 appears experiencing complications, tend not to overreact! Before you commence looking for complicated problems in the Android os, you should try to do a Soft and Hard Reset of your ZUK Z1. This task is usually reasonably convenient and may very well fix complications that may impact your ZUK Z1.

Before accomplishing any one of the task just below, bear in mind that it truly is critical to create a copy of your ZUK Z1. Even though the soft reset of your ZUK Z1 will not result in data loss, the hard reset will erase all of the data. Make a complete copy of your ZUK Z1 with its application or perhaps on the Cloud (Google Drive, DropBox, …)

We will commence with the soft reset of your ZUK Z1, the easiest option.


How to Soft Reset your ZUK Z1

The soft reset of your ZUK Z1 is going to permit you to fix minor problems like a clogged apps, a battery that heats, a screen that stop, the ZUK Z1 that becomes slow…

The approach is definitely easy:

  • Simultaneously push the Volume Down and Power key until the ZUK Z1 restarts (roughly 20 seconds)


How to Hard Reset your ZUK Z1 (Factory Settings)

The factory settings reset or hard reset is going to be a more definitive option. This process will clear off all the data of your ZUK Z1 and you will get a mobile phone as it is when it is made. You will need to keep your important files like your pics, emails, conversation, videos, … on your computer or on a hosting site like Google Drive, DropBox, … prior to starting the hard reset job of your ZUK Z1.

To retrieve all your document after the reset, you should preserve your data to your Google Account. For that, go to:

  • Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Backup
  • Activate the backup

Now that you generated the backup, all you must do is:

  • System -> Advanced -> Reset options.
  • Erase all data (factory reset) -> Reset phone

You will be required to enter your security code (or PIN) and as soon it is made, go with Erase Everything.

Your ZUK Z1 will get rid of all your information. It will last a short time. Once the operation is done, your ZUK Z1 is going to reboot with factory settings.


More ressources for the Zuk brand and ZUK Z1 model:

About the ZUK Z1

The size of your ZUK Z1 is 77.3 mm x 155.7 mm x 8.9 mm (width x height x depth) for a net weight of 175 g. The screen offers a resolution of 1080 x 1920px (FHD) for a usable surface of 69%.

The ZUK Z1 smartphone makes use of one Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC processor and one Krait 400 (Quad-Core) with a 2.5 GHz clock speed. The following mobile phone doesn’t have a 64-bit architecture processor.

Concerning the graphic part, the ZUK Z1 includes the Qualcomm Adreno 330 graphics card with 3 GB. You’ll be able to make use of 64 GB of memory.

The ZUK Z1 battery is Li-Polymer type with a full charge power of 4100 mAh amperes. The ZUK Z1 was presented on August 2015 with Android 5.0 Lollipop

A problem with the ZUK Z1? Contact the support:

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