How to Soft & Hard Reset your HTC Desire 600

If your HTC Desire 600 starts knowing troubles, really do not stress! Just before you begin watching for fussy errors located in the Android operating system, you may also check to do a Soft and Hard Reset of your HTC Desire 600. This task can be relatively user-friendly and could very well fix troubles that may affect your HTC Desire 600.

Just before accomplishing any one of the actions in this article, remember that it truly is essential to make a backup of your HTC Desire 600. Even though the soft reset of your HTC Desire 600 will not result in loss of data, the hard reset is going to erase all of the data. Generate a total backup of your HTC Desire 600 thanks to its program or simply on the Cloud (Google Drive, DropBox, …)

We are going to start with the soft reset of your HTC Desire 600, the least difficult option.

HTC Desire 600

How to Soft Reset your HTC Desire 600

The soft reset of your HTC Desire 600 probably will allow you to repair easy issues like a crashed apps, a battery that heats, a screen that freeze, the HTC Desire 600 that becomes slow…

The method is very simple:

  • Simultaneously press the Volume Down and Power key until the HTC Desire 600 restarts (roughly 20 seconds)


How to Hard Reset your HTC Desire 600 (Factory Settings)

The factory settings reset or hard reset is going to be a bit more radical remedy. This method is going to erase all your data of your HTC Desire 600 and you will obtain a cell phone as it is when it is created. You should save your essential documents like your photos, emails, chat, records, … in your computer or on the cloud like Google Drive, DropBox, … before you start the hard reset procedure of your HTC Desire 600.

To get back all your info following the reset, you can actually conserve your data to your Google Account. To do that , head to:

  • Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Backup
  • Activate the backup

Now that you made the backup, all you need to do is:

  • System -> Advanced -> Reset options.
  • Erase all data (factory reset) -> Reset phone

You need to write your security code (or PIN) and now that it is made, choose Erase Everything.

Your HTC Desire 600 is going to delete all the data. It will last a little while. As soon the task is completed, your HTC Desire 600 is likely to reboot with factory settings.


More ressources for the HTC brand and HTC Desire 600 model:

About the HTC Desire 600

The size of the HTC Desire 600 is 67.0 mm x 134.8 mm x 9.0 mm (width x height x depth) for a net weight of 130 g. The screen offers a resolution of 540 x 960px (LowRes) for a usable surface of 61%.

The HTC Desire 600 smartphone works with one Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM8225Q processor and one ARM Cortex-A5 (Quad-Core) with a 1.2 GHz clock speed. The following mobile phone hasn’t got a 64-bit architecture processor.

Concerning the graphic part, the HTC Desire 600 functions with the Qualcomm Adreno 203 graphics card with 1 GB. You are able to employ 8 GB of memory.

The HTC Desire 600 battery is Li-Polymer type with a maximum power of 1860 mAh amperes. The HTC Desire 600 was revealed on May 2013 with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

A problem with the HTC Desire 600? Contact the support: HTC Support

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