How to block numbers / calls on Landvo V5

Let’s be honest, many of us happen to have been harassed with anonymous numbers or simply plagued by phone canvassing. It really is an agonizing event but be pleased to know that your Landvo V5 may become your number one ally. There are three options to block phone calls (blacklist regular phone numbers) on your Landvo V5 (released in May 2016). None of these methods necessitate to be root of your Landvo V5. You are able to block a given phone number or every unknown calls on your Landvo V5

Landvo V5

Let’s start with the first technique, thanks to the built-in programs of Android

Block a number on your Landvo V5 with Android 4.4 KitKat by the call log app:

  • Get in the phone app from your Landvo V5
  • Select the three dots on the right up side of the screen
  • Click on Call Reject
  • Press on Reject calls from
  • Tap Private numbers
  • You actually can add numbers from here


With the setting menu of your Landvo V5

  • Head to settings and then touch Call
  • touch Call Reject
  • touch Reject calls from
  • touch private numbers if you need or add a number from your contact list
  • Look for the contact you’d like to block


Block out a number on your Landvo V5 thanks to your carrier

You can also employ your phone carrier to stop bothersome numbers. This kind of feature will depend on your operator. To learn more regarding number blocking, you actually can access to your personal space and check out the settings. Sometimes the number blocking is free however, not every time, so be cautious!

In the event that you struggle to come across the number blocking on your Landvo V5 by way of your mobile operator, you can actually communicate with them on internet sites like Twitter or Facebook. Generally, they answer even more fast there!

Block a number on your Landvo V5 with Third-party apps meant for blocking phone calls

If you realise that blocking a phone number via Android or via your mobile phone company on the Landvo V5, is complicated, don’t worry about it! You can also make use of a third party apps that execute the job to help you. All of the the apps beneath are actually free and virus free!

Use any one of the mobile phone number blocker apps on your Landvo V5 via the url listed below and enjoy the silence again!

As shown , blocking an unknown number or blacklist a phone number on your Landvo V5 is undoubtedly a piece of cake. You have the choice between three straightforward methods. Did you managed to block these kinds of telephone numbers on your Landvo V5 thanks to our article? Let us know! Leave a comment down below 🙂

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