How to block numbers / calls on Kenxinda V5

Let’s be honest, most of us happen to have been bothered via anonymous numbers or simply stressed by phone solicitation. It can be an agonizing instant nevertheless be aware that the Kenxinda V5 could become your ally. They’re 3 ways to block phone calls (blacklist regular phone numbers) with your Kenxinda V5 (released in June 2017). None of these methods will require you to be root of your Kenxinda V5. You can actually block out a specific phone number or all of the private calls on your Kenxinda V5

Kenxinda V5

Let’s start with the first approach, by way of the embedded assets of Android

Block a number on your Kenxinda V5 with Android 5.0 Lollipop by the call log:

  • Enter the phone app from your Kenxinda V5
  • Click the three dots on the right up side of the screen
  • Click on Call Reject
  • Select Reject calls from
  • Tap Private numbers
  • You are able to add numbers right here


From the setting menu of your Kenxinda V5

  • Click on settings and click on Call
  • click on Call Reject
  • click on Reject calls from
  • click on private numbers if you desire or simply put a number coming from your contact list
  • Choose the contact you’d like to block


Block a number with your Kenxinda V5 thanks to your mobile phone carrier

You can employ your phone carrier to block undesirable phone calls. This service is based on your operator. To discover more when it comes to number blocking, you can access to your personnal dashboard and look at the settings. Usually the number blocking is free however, not every time, so beware!

In cases where you can not come across the number blocking on your Kenxinda V5 by way of your mobile operator, you are able to contact them on internet sites like Twitter or Facebook. Usually, they will reply more fast there!

Block a number on your Kenxinda V5 thanks to Third-party apps designed for blocking phone calls

If you find that stopping a phone number by way of Android or through your carrier on the Kenxinda V5, is in fact difficult, don’t worry about it! You can consider a third party apps that take care of the job to help you. All of the the apps beneath are free and virus free!

Install any one of the phone number blocker apps to your Kenxinda V5 by using the link listed below and experience the silence back again!

As shown , stopping an unknown number or banish a phone number with your Kenxinda V5 is definitely a piece of cake. You have the choice between three straightforward options. Did you handled to block these kinds of numbers on your Kenxinda V5 following our tutorial? Tell us! Drop a comment down below 🙂

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